Why ZAS shop?

Why ZAS Group's web shop?

ZASshop online store ZAS Group s.r.o. enables the presentation of goods and the company that operates it and creates orders from end customers directly to the IS KARAT records.
ZSHOP cannot be operated without IS KARAT, but it is possible to use the IS KARAT database as a master database for the e-shop and then export the data to other systems.

The main benefits for the customer?

- Possibility to present your own company

- Possibility of very detailed product presentation

- Expanding the portfolio of potential customers (eg: from other regions, countries,…)

- Expansion of the portfolio of services provided to customers

- Online receipt of orders

- Efficient data processing with minimal operator requirements.

Can it be tried?

This DEMO version is connected to a test database operated by ZAS Group.
You can perform all activities here, as if it were a real purchase in the Internet environment.

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